TERMS AND CONDITIONS: At the arrival, there will always be a Caretaker in the Village who meets and accompanies guests up to the houses, and to hand over the keys. Clean bed linen will be available in the bedrooms and clean towels in the bathrooms. The Caretaker will be available for anything that guests could need or for any consultation during the visit. The houses is fully equipped with sheets, blankets, towels, kitchen equipment, cooking equipment, in a perfect state to be used by guests. The normal consumption of Electricity, Gas and Water is included. HEALTH AND SAFETY Pool and Garden maintenance is carried out in accordance to health and safety regulations, however personal safety is the sole responsibility of the tenant/s. Children are not permitted to use to the Pool or Pool Garden without being accompanied and under the supervision of an adult. No diving, no jumping into and no running around the pool, no undesireable behaviour in the pool. Children who cannot swim must use a suitable flotation device (such as armbands). Candles, Fires, Naked Flames are prohibited. Cooking is only permitted in the kitchens and BBQ facility (installed in the Pool Garden). Smoking is only permitted in the Salons and Pool Garden (preferably not at all) and any resulting damage from smoking is the responsibility of the tenant. During Summer months town water is precious, please be conservative with the pool shower and do not run hoses or attempt to top-up the pool with town water. (As sanctioned by the Town Hall, abuses may result in a fine) However the Finca has it's own additional water supply, you should consult with the gardener if in doubt. On the Finca, Camping, Fires, Naked Flames or Smoking are not permitted. Fruit Trees, Vegetable Plots etc are for your enjoyment and pleasure, please respect the work which has been undertaken, and ask the gardener before picking flowers, fruits or vegetables. Please respect the boundaries and neighbours. Firewood for the Stove and Fireplaces, Charcoal for the BBQ are not supplied, but can be arranged by request to the Caretaker. MINIMAL STAYS: The minimal stays will be two nights in all times of the year, except: bridges(*), national holidays, regional holidays, local holidays and new years eve. (3-7 nights depending on how the holidays fall in the week), festive such as Holy Week (Easter) and Christmas (7 nights), and high summer period, July, August and 1st fortnight of September (7 nights). (*) A Bridge is where two or more bank/school holidays appear in a week. The house will be available for used from 4 p.m. of the day of arrival and will have to be vacated before 12 a.m. of the day of exit, unless as otherwise arranged. PRICES: The released prices have validity until December 31 of 2.006 except new administrative requirements or error of publishing. The tariff which appear in the attached table of prices, applies to the stated number of beds per person, available in normal letting conditions. Supplements apply per person where additional beds are supplied on request, above he normal capacity of the bedrooms (ie: double sofa beds, single beds). Additional numbers above the fixed accommodation requirements must be requested. No Persons other than persons registered may, enter or be admitted to the property, infringements may result in an eviction notice of those persons or all persons on the premises. Our prices include all Taxes: FORM OF PAYMENT: The reservation remains confirmed when a deposits 40% of the price of the house, or the whole price of the rental, in any case the totality will have to be paid before occupation of the establishment. The form of payment are: - Bank Transference: (Bank details will be sent to you on request) Always to send the written proof of the revenue or transference by fax or email, in the 24:rs following to having done the reservation, otherwise it will not be considered to be confirmed. ANNULMENTS: In case of the cancellation of the reservation, the following expenses apply to low season: - 15 days or more before arrival date: Minimal expenses (*) . - From 14 to 7 days before the arrival date: 5%. - From 6 until 4 days before the arrival date: 15%. - From 3 until 2 days before the arrival date: 40%. - From 1 until 0 days before the arrival date: 100%. * minimal Expenses for administration 6 . In case of the cancellation of the reservation, the following expenses apply to high season: (June to 1st fortnight of September), bridges, Holy Week, Christmas (24/12-09/01) and national holidays: - 30 days before the arrival 15%, - 15 to 10 days before the arrival 40%, - 15 to 9 days before the arrival 40%, - 9 days before the arrival 100%. IMPORTANT NOTES: - The client is full and exclusively responsible of doing the correct declaration of the persons' n that are to occupy the house (including the children), anyone that is of age, on having carried the reservation out. It is here warned that the administration can legally refuse to admit the entry of those persons not declared, or evict them, without recourse. - The collection of keys be collected before 22 p.m. unless otherwise arranged and agreed. If this is not respected the client risks not being able to spend the night of arrival in the property. - In certain occasions and in reason of the security, various dates or n of persons who inhabit the establishment, a deposit for 90 Euro will be required, if no anomaly arises, the deposit will be returned in full on departure. - The firewood is not included in the price. ANOMALIES OR SHORTCOMINGS: The anomaly or shortcomings that the client could find in the rented property should be communicated as soon as possible, and always during the stay, to the manager or to the agency in the destination. We will address and solve quickly any anomaly or shortcoming and will proceed at a rate considered suitable, whenever the anomaly or shortcomings causes are verified. Any claim carried out, after leaving the property, will not be able to be attended for lacking the most elementary criteria that could proceed with the claim. ACCEPTANCE OF CONDITIONS: The fact of taking part in the product offered in the present catalogue supposes the express acceptance on the part of the client of each and everyone of the general conditions. For the knowledge of all the claims that could be formulated, both the client and/or the organising agency, they surrender to the jurisdiction of the courts of Malaga, with resignation to any other jurisdiction.